Jeff Landeck




I started tutoring writing as a student at Santa Barbara City College. After earning a BA in English from UCSB and an MA in English from McGill University, I went on to teach literature and writing in the classroom, but I always kept my experiences as an individual tutor at the heart of my teaching. And as Director, I still do.

Emma Cristofani

Assistant Director



Emma Cristofani graduated from UCSB in 2012 with a BA in Psychology and a minor in English with an emphasis on modern culture in literature. While an undergrad, she found her true professional passion as a writing tutor for CLAS. After graduating, she continued to work for CLAS as an academic skills specialist before eventually returning to her roots as the Writing & Languages Coordinator. Now, as Assistant Director, her priorities are to create safe, meaningful, and collaborative spaces and opportunities for students and staff alike while helping CLAS evolve to continue to meet changing needs. Some of her favorite things include The Lord of the Rings, anything to do with Legend of Zelda, and her toothless Yorkie, Melody.

Administrative Team


Sarah Cortes | she/her

Financial and Operations Manager

Nancy Dinh | she/her

Acting Business Officer

Viral Mistry | he/him

Applications Developer

Martha Patricia Oregel | she/her/ella

Personnel Assistant



Lee DeAnda | he/him

Curriculum Coordinator

Amy Liest | she/her

Biology & Chemistry Coordinator

Alex Pavellas | he/him

Math, Physics & Engineering Coordinator

Binh Pham | he/him

Economics & Statistics Coordinator



Chemistry Instructor

Chemistry Instructor

Eric Engel | he/him

Chemistry Instructor

Ed Hachfeld | he/him

Math & Physics Instructor

Aria Hill | she/her

Math Instructor

Rebekah Judkins | she/her

Biology Instructor

Emily Main | she/her

Math Instructor

Math Instructor

Logan Rhoades | he/him

Economics Instructor

Jay Stemmle | they/them/she/her

Academic Skills Specialist

Vince Zaccone | he/him

Math & Physics Instructor