Math & Physics offers content-specific support for lower-division courses. Our services provide opportunities to ask specific questions in smaller settings, review additional subject materials, and meet other students in your classes and majors.

Services Offered

Tutorial Groups

are twice-weekly structured study groups that help break down course concepts and prepare for exams. 

Asynch Groups

grant access to the CLAS Canvas page for the course, which provide videos and additional resources.

Drop-In Hours

are tutoring hours in the Study Rooms where you can get questions answered with no registration.

Algebra Boot Camp

is a workshop series designed to strengthen core math skills for lower-division STEM courses.

Study Room Information

Studying for a specific course?  CLAS Study Rooms are open for student use, and are where tutors host course specific drop-in hours.

Math Study Room: SRB 3263    Physics Study Room: SRB 3278

Hours: Monday-Friday 10 A.M.-8 P.M.



  • MATH 2AB
  • MATH 3AB
  • MATH 4AB
  • MATH 6AB
  • MATH 34AB


  • PHYS 1
  • PHYS 2
  • PHYS 3
  • PHYS 4

Additional courses

Additional courses are subjects that are supported by some tutor drop-in hours in the Study Rooms. 

  • ASTRO 1
  • CS 8
  • CS 16
  • CS 40
  • ENGR 3
  • ECE 10ABC
  • selection of lower-division ME courses

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