Services for Economics & Statistic Services

Tutorial Groups supplement large, introductory courses by helping students break down core concepts and prepare for their exams. Groups meet either once or twice a week (depending on the course). To sign up for a tutorial group, please visit MYCLAS.

Drop-In support requires no advanced sign-up and is located at the Econ/Stat Study Room in SRB 3255. To access our drop-in schedule, click here.

Individual Zoom Appointments
are 15-minute online appointments with our tutors. View the Individual Appointment Schedule.

Course-Specific Resources
are available for registered UCSB students via a CLAS GauchoSpace page. To enroll in a CLAS GauchoSpace page for your ECON/PSTAT course,

  • Log into GauchoSpace

  • Under “Courses”, select the current quarter

  • Search for “CLAS / course name / current quarter”

  • Click “Join the course site”