Academic Skills

Workshops are one-off, small-group settings where students sharpen their academic skills and try out new study strategies with the help of a CLAS tutor. Each workshop focuses on a specific topic, whether it be tactics and strategies or general mindset. Check the workshop schedule and sign up via MyCLAS using the "Sign Up & Enroll" button at the top of this page.

For Summer 2021, all workshops will be hosted online via pre-recorded video (which can be viewed at any time) or live webinars. Links to workshops will be emailed to enrolled students on the listed workshop date.

Consultations are individual appointments with an academic skills specialist. Consultations can focus on specific issues like making a study plan but can also address more general topics, such as how to be successful at UCSB. Check the skills appointments and sign up via MyCLAS using the "Sign Up & Enroll" button at the top of this page.

For Summer 2021consultations will be hosted online via Zoom. Students will receive a link to their Zoom consultation in an email after signing up for an Academic Skills appointment. 

GRE Preparation workshops for each part of the exam will be made available soon! You can also set up an individual skills appointment with Jay Stemmle (for Verbal Reasoning) or Emma Cristofani (for Analytical Writing or Quantitative Reasoning).


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Online learning

To face the challenges of online learning, CLAS has two self-guided workshops available through the links below.  Each one has step-by-step exercises for learning on line and time management.  No need to sign up; just click and learn.

Learning Online (video)

Learning Online (activity)

Time Management (activity)