Our Services

We offer four service models which are led by peer tutors or full-time staff, to the entire UC Santa Barbara Undergraduate Student population:

1. Groups

  • Are currently being led both online and in-person by CLAS tutors.
  • Supplement University courses by helping students understand key concepts, develop methods for independent work, and prepare for exams. They typically meet once or twice per week.
  • Require regular attendance and participation.
  • Groups are offered for the following subjects:

Registration is required (via
MyClas) and sign-ups begin the first day of the quarter.

2. Drop-Ins

  • Are currently being led both online and in-person by CLAS tutors.

Registration not required; be sure to bring your UC Santa Barbara Perm Card.

3. Workshops

  • Are one-time workshops hosted in person in the Student Resource Building (SRB).Students sharpen their academic skills and try out new study strategies. Each skills workshop focuses on a specific topic, whether it be tactics, strategies, test taking skills (including the GRE), or general mindset.

Registration is required (via

4. Academic Skills Consultations

  • Are currently being led both in-person and online by CLAS skills counselors.
  • Focus on specific issues, such as making a study plan, but can also address more general topics, such as how to be a successful student, as well as many others.
  • For any student confronting learning challenges, CLAS recommends that you start by getting assistance from one of our Skills counselors. Very often a student’s actual issue or concern is not what they are studying but “HOW” they are studying. CLAS Skills counselors can get you started in the right direction. For more information, see our Academic Skills webpage and refer to Consultations. These will provide individual appointments with an academic skills specialist.

Registration is required (via