UCSB Campus Learning Assistance Services

Creative Writing Workshops

Voice & Style
How do writers develop a unique style and "voice"? In this workshop, we’ll participate in a writing prompt and discuss how authors create a distinct style and voice through point of view, diction, tone, and more.
Character Development
What do your characters want? In this workshop, we’ll participate in  an exercise designed to develop plot points based on our characters’ motivations, desires, and fears.  

Dialogue & Scenes
In this workshop, we will participate in a writing prompt and discuss how dialogue reveals character and moves the story forward.  
Science Fiction 
In this workshop, we will explore what makes compelling science fiction and participate in a writing prompt. Led by CLAS Math & Physics Instructor Alex Pavellas.

The Art of Revision 
Do you want to feel better about your messy first drafts? In this workshop, we’ll examine how F. Scott Fitzgerald transformed hazy character descriptions, a "sagging" structure, and terrible early titles of The Great Gatsby and discuss revision strategies that you can apply to your work-in-progress.

Journaling Workshop 
Writing in a journal can reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and be a powerful tool for self-expression. Whether your goal is to unlock your creativity, overcome writer's block, or develop free-writing strategies that you can apply to academic writing, this workshop is for you. For inspiration, we will look at the journals of accomplished artists and writers. We will also participate in a writing prompt and discuss how to develop a journal writing practice.

Writer’s Block & Writing Anxiety
Do you ever feel stuck with your writing? Discover strategies for overcoming writer’s block and jumpstarting a creative or academic writing project.  

Publishing Workshop
Led by a former magazine editor and assistant literary agent in New York, this workshop will demystify the publication process and offer guidance on how to prepare your work to submit for publication. You will learn how to submit your short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction to literary magazines and contests. We will discuss how to write an effective query letter and examine the role of literary agents and book publishers.    
How to Apply to Summer Writing Workshops
Summer writing workshops can be a great way to study with authors you admire, improve your writing, learn about publishing, and participate in a community of writers. We will identify opportunities and offer guidance on applying to summer workshops such as Tin House, Sewanee, Summer Literary Seminars, and more.

NaNoWriMo Kickoff: Draft a Novel in 30 Days! 
Calling all aspiring novelists and National Novel Writing Month participants! This workshop will offer strategies for drafting a novel in 30 days, including free-writing, outlining, and plotting.    

NaNoWriMo Write-In and Novel Tutoring! 
Bring your laptop (or your old-fashioned notebook) and join other NaNoWriMo participants for our series of campus Write-Ins. A writing tutor and a library of books on the craft of novel writing will be at your disposal.