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But for now try the problems below. 

Quick review: When you have the differential equation y'=ky, the general solution is always of the form y(t) = Aekt.

Sample problems:

1. If y'=2y, find the general solution.

2. If y'=5y, and y(0)=12, find the particular solution.

3. If y'= y/3, and y'(0)=9, find the particular solution.

4. If f '(t) = 4 f(t), and f(3) = 15, what is f(2)?

5. If m'(t) = .02 m(t), where m(t) is the mass of bacteria t hours after noon on July 10, 2003, how long will it take for the mass to double? What day and time?




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Word Problems:

1. Ever wonder why there are rabbits on the cover of your math book? (Click on "MagicBlueCube" to find out.)





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