UCSB Campus Learning Assistance Services

Spring Election voting is April 24-27, 2017 via GOLD

Help Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS) maintain tutorial groups, drop-in centers, evening hours of operation, academic and study skills workshops, and exam review sessions for the over 9,600 students who use our services each year.

Without your continued support, CLAS, as you know it, will face looming reductions in all services, hours of operations, student employment opportunities, and staff availability. Your support during the election is critical to your academic support services.

CLAS sees approximately 50% of UCSB’s undergraduate students and is a viable part of students’ academic plans. For a program that is optional, CLAS is in ever-increasing student demand. Nearly 220,000 student contact hours were logged last year. We would like to continue to serve students in this capacity. CLAS is asking for your reaffirmation support to keep a level of services available that meets the student demand.

Help keep the CLAS academic services you know and love by voting for the CLAS reaffirmation. Your “Yes” vote will ensure that CLAS maintains its open door policy and that all students will continue to have equal access to vital academic tutoring and instructional services.

Reaffirm your love!
Vote “YES” for CLAS.

 The CLAS Reaffirmation will be on the Spring Election ballot April 24-27, 2017 via GOLD.